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Handling and maintenance of hanging scrolls

[For long-term enjoyment]

We recommend that you replace it about once every three months. If you leave it all year long, it will get damaged faster.

If you change the hanging scroll according to the season, it will last longer and you can enjoy the change.


[How to hang the scroll]

(1) Take out the hanging scroll from a paulownia box, place it on a floor free from moisture and dust, unwind the cord, and extend the hanging scroll.

(2) Hold the hanging string with one hand and support the hanging shaft with the other hand, and hang it on the nail on the wall. If you get a string,Slowly hang the hanging scroll.

▽If the roll is not strong, lightly wind it backwards once.

If the nails on the wall are high,YahThere is also a dedicated tool called. If it’s cheap, go to AmazonYou can purchase it for about 1,000 yen (only in Japan).


[How to remove the hanging scroll]

(1) Brush the hair to remove all dust.

(2) Remove the hanging scroll and place it on a floor free from moisture and dust. Roll with the side of the book or picture insideI will continue. However, be careful not to roll it too hard as it may cause wrinkles and damage.Yes.

③ After winding, tie the winding cord (not tightly) and put it in a paulownia box. See [Storage method] below.


[Storage method]

We recommend that you store it in a paulownia box*1. Paulownia has excellent hygroscopicity and moisture release.

It is also good to wrap it in Washi paper and put an insect repellent in it.

It will last longer if you dry the insects on a sunny day with low humidity at 1-2 degrees a year.

*1 Free of charge for hanging scrolls over 100,000 yen (excluding tax).


【Storage location】

Please store in a well-ventilated place with low humidity.


【important point】

① Humidity

The hanging scroll is affected by humidity.

In a humid environment, it may cause stains and mold.

Do not touch it with wet hands or place flowers under the hanging scroll.

On the contrary, the environment where it is too dry is not good, so please do not hit the air from the air conditioner directlySai.

② per day

Do not leave in direct sunlight. It deteriorates due to sunburn.

③ wind

Please do not place it in a place where the hanging shaft will flap with the wind. Axial load and deteriorationto watch.


[About restoration of hanging scroll]

For repair of dirt or damage, please contact your local store.

Please note that we cannot repair the hanging scroll.

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